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SGE & Associates is an organization of various professionals skilled in systems analysis, design and implementation, as well as network design and implemenation.  Other skills include programming, electronics instruction and Internet Provisioning.  This page serves as a mechanism to advertise various services and products.

8085 Expansion Board

Michael Vossberg, one of the founders of SGE & Associates, has spent the last 15 years working as an Electrical Engineer for various companies and a part time instructor of digital electronics for Kirkwood Community College in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.  Over the course of these years Michael has established a five part course sequence that is based on Albert Malvino's text, "Digital Computer Electronics, An Introduction to Microcomputers".  Courses Digital I - Digital III follow the traditional path of lecture, lab and experimentation.  While Digital IV and Digital V are based on the student constructing an Elenco MM-8000K 8085 trainer in Digital IV and assembling the 8085 Expansion Board in Digital V.  These two boards can be interconnected to enhance the understanding of microprocessor based systems.

The features of Elenco's MM-8000K include: a compact single board trainier with 2816 EEPROM, hex keypad and two digit display and a monitor routine to complete the project.  Once completed the student has a self contained development system with which he or she can use to program and run 8085 assembly code.

The 8085 Expansion board can be connected to the MM-8000K trainer to extend the trainer to include two 8255 PIAs, 2816 2K x 8 EEPROM, 2K x 8 Static RAM, LCD display and an A/D converter.  With these components the Expansion board can be attached to the MM-8000K to develop programs that use the PIAs, A/D, LCD Display and program 2816 EEPROMS.  Once the Expansion Board is properly programed it can be detached and run as an autonomous single board computer.  Note:  The Expansion Board requires a seperate 5 VDC @ 1 A power supply.


Block Diagram of Expansion Board:

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